Buy Used Car Usa 2007 WHITE AUDI S4 AVANT WAGON HTTPSWWWCAREXPORTA… with best feature : Year: 2007 City: North Jersey, NJ Stock: B7A0A5C8 Condition: Excellent Title: Clean VIN: – Drive: 4wd Cylinders: 8 Cylinders Buy Used Car Usa


FULL DESCRIPTION Rare automatic wagon white on black. Excellent condition, you have to come see it! I’m an Audi fan boy and have kept this car in tip-top condition. Moving and can’t take car with, otherwise I’d never imagine selling this. If you’re looking to buy this car, I don’t have to tell you how amazing of a vehicle this is. I spend about k a year just on preventative maintenance with only genuine Audi/VW parts. For example, earlier this year the headlight dipped (auto-leveling motor in headlight started to fail), and while most people ignore this since it isn’t a big issue, I just replaced the whole headlamp for ~$https://www.topusedcarsales.com I’m anal about keeping everything perfect – like I said, really never planned on selling this car All work has been done by Rayteam Automotive in Waltham, MA. Was originally a California car, I bought it at ~, and has been a Boston car since. I just moved cross-country and so now the car sits at my parent’s house in NJ for sale. I’ve been getting questions about maintenance: – serpentine belt service got done this year – 4 brake pads and rotors just done too (last month) – the headlight I already mentioned – Idle was finicky so had the throttle body replaced – Oil and filter changes always done on schedule – Windshield wiper fluid pump replaced. – Driver’s side vents/flaps stopped working so had that replaced too. – Has a new battery this year too. – Might be one or two more things I can’t remember at the moment. All parts are genuine audi dealer parts. Note: Timing chain assembly has not be touched, and there are no signs of start-up rattle. The only things I can think of to note: – you’ll need new tires in the next miles – there is some paint corrosion under the rear hatch door jamb (common for these cars) On the plus side you’ll get a few bonuses: – tinted windows all around – special oem S winter floor mats – an oem euro aux cable upgrade – and oem euro buttons on the dash to fill in the standard blank areas – I also have a set of oem black roof rails i’ll throw in (I never got around to swapping them). Mechanically, the car is perfect Feel free to email over any questions / offers. Clean title in hand. Thanks!

Buy Used Car Usa 2007 WHITE AUDI S4 AVANT WAGON HTTPSWWWCAREXPORTA… contact (US) +1 (954) 487-7722

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