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1988 Bmw E30 320i Touring with best feature : Year: 1988 City: Los Angeles, CA Stock: 11C123A1 Condition: – Title: Clean VIN: – Drive: – Cylinders: –

Buy Used Car From Enterprise 1988 Bmw E30 320i Touring prices $13,500

FULL DESCRIPTION I am the owner of the car with the title in hand, it is currently located in Texas. Looking to sell in a milder climate as owning this car in the South without air conditioning makes it a bit hard to drive most of the year. Looking to sell my E30 touring that I’ve owned for the last five years. I purchased this car in 2014 in Germany and have owned it since. It has the original M20B20 engine with about miles on it. It is a five speed manual. The car does not have power steering, no air conditioning, crank windows, manual locks, and crank sunroof. It is not because the AC doesn’t work, the car was never equipped with it since it is a German spec vehicle. Only issue with the car is the driver side door lock is coming loose on the exterior. Should be an easy fix but I have not taken time to fix it myself. I recently restored a lot of the exterior of the car. I replaced some of the old, faded plastic on the exterior and got rid of some oxidation in the paint. I then applied a ceramic coating. It drives beautifully and is mechanically sound. Lots of maintenance work has been done to it over the last couple of years. Speedometer is in kilometers per hour. The following parts have been replaced since I’ve owned it: Distributor rotor Valve cover gasket Spark plugs Spark plug wires Fuel injectors Fuel tank Control arm bushings Fuel filter Swivel joint Camshaft seal Crankcase breather hose Radiator Water Pump Thermostat All cooling hoses Control arms and bushings Tie Rods The only modifications i have done to it are a Z3 short shifter as well as a 19mm front sway bar. Please do not email me with low ball offers. I’m very aware of the vehicle I own as well as it’s rarity. I am strictly only looking for cash, no trades. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

1988 Bmw E30 320i Touring contact (US) +1 (954) 487-7722

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