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Find Used Car Near Me 1997 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER MILES with best feature : Year: 1997 City: Raleigh, NC Stock: CFD54777 Condition: Good Title: Salvage VIN: JT3HJ85J9V0160518 Drive: 4wd Cylinders: 6 Cylinders Find Used Car Near Me

Find Used Car Near Me 1997 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER MILES prices $11,500

FULL DESCRIPTION In 2014 I purchased this Land Cruiser from the second owner and was able to speak to him at length about the history of this vehicle. This is the history as I know it through conversations with previous owners and provided documents. This Land Cruiser was stolen from a dealership in New York on 1/22/97 when it had only 9 miles. On 5/6/97 New York DMV issued a salvage title Recovered in New York Sold in Apex NC 11/21/97 to Mr. H with 1 miles vin# JT3H85J9V0160518 (NCS85499) Known service history not including regular oil changes. 2/6/01 New tires (mileage ) 3/20/01Tune up, fluids changed (mileage ) 7/30/01 Radiator service (mileage ) 11/14/02 Front/rear brake pads (mileage ) 2/19/03 Front/rear diff. service and transfer case service (mileage ) 5/6/04 Radiator service (mileage ) 12/22/04 Spark plugs, belts, radiator flush (mileage ) 7/11/08 Mr. H sells Land Cruiser to his daughter/son in law, Mr./Mrs S. 12/5/08 Transmission flush, starter rebuild (mileage ) 1/23/09 New head gasket, radiator, PCV valve, spark plugs, belts, thermostat, water pump. (mileage ) 8/14/09 New Michelin tires (mileage 1) 11/9/10 Transfer case replaced with used one ( miles.) (mileage 1) 12/30/10 Spark plugs, wires, distributor cap (mileage 1) 3/9/11 New rear rotors and pads, new front pads, resurface front rotors, break fluid flush (mileage 1) 2/7/14 Resurface front rotors, new front pads, new wheel bearing driver side (mileage 1) 2/18/14 Replace break master cylinder (mileage 1) 4/11/14 I take ownership of this Land Cruiser (mileage 1) 4/29/14 Flush/refill radiator (mileage 1) 12/3/14 Replace transfer indicator switch (mileage 1) 7/17/15 New tires (5) Cooper 285/75/16 (mileage 1) 10/20/15 New Alternator belts, A/C belt, alternator idler pulley (mileage 1) 5/15/16 New battery (mileage 1) 8/22/16 New front/rear rotors and pads (mileage 1) 10/26/17 New break master cylinder, spark plugs, plug wires (mileage 1) Exterior: typical amounts of rock chips and scratches for a vehicle of this year. Hood has faded and could use a respray. Small crack on drivers side corner lamp. Small rock chips in windshield. Deeper scratches on the drivers side rear over fender. No Rust as this Toyota has been in the south since 1997. Aside from the hood the rest of the paint cleans up really nice and paint is in above average condition. Interior: typical amounts of wear and stains for a vehicle of this year. Trim around sunroof is cracked from my kayak hitting it before I got the Yakima rack. A replacement steering wheel in much better condition is included (not Installed.) Aside from the drivers seat the leather is in very good condition, and I am not sure but the third row seats many have never been used. Passenger side door speakers are blown. Mechanical: Great condition with service done at regular intervals. I have been chasing an electrical gremlin for a couple of years to no avail. Intermittently has the diff lock/abs light flicker during acceleration through 1st gear. I ave taken it to two local Land Cruiser âexperts and neither found a solution, it does not affect the drive ability. Despite the salvage title I would say this is an above average Land Cruiser that I wouldn at hesitate to drive cross country. The vin numbers on the engine, frame, and dash all match. Vehicle has always been stock and unmodified until I added the Yakima roof rack and bigger tires to fill out the wheel well. This truck will also come with a Hi-Jack mount kit and exterior light mount kit both from Yakima (neither have been installed.) Will also come with the factory service manual and factory wire manual. Cash Only!! No Trades I will not arrange for shipping

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