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Used Toyota Car Near Me VERY RARE 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 EV with best feature : Year: 2013 City: Buffalo, NY Stock: 24A90998 Condition: – Title: Clean VIN: – Drive: – Cylinders: – Used Toyota Car Near Me

Used Toyota Car Near Me VERY RARE 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 EV prices $21,000

FULL DESCRIPTION I have an extremely rare 2013 Toyota Rav4 EV. The vehicle was made by Tesla and has Tesla Model S parts. They only made 2532 of these and they were only available in California. There are only around 1500 of these left in the US. I love this car. I own 2 others, this is my 3rd. A friend in California decided to sell it so I thought I would buy it and pay to ship it to NY so we could have more of them here. Currently my 3 Rav4 EVs are the only ones in central NY. There is one other in Webster, one in the Albany area and a couple in Jersey. You can be part of an exclusive club and own a very rare car. The car is fully electric. No gas, no hybrid. All electric. The car was only available from 2012-2014. It has miles on it. Which might seem high but mileage doesn at matter as much on electric vehicles. Like most other Tesla Motors, the original developed a whine so it was replaced at miles. So the motor only has miles. Condition: The car is in excellent condition. It runs perfect and needs nothing. There are a couple tiny chips in the paint. Nothing obvious. No door dings and no scratches. Range: In good weather and good conditions, depending on how you drive, you can get 110-130 miles. My personal best when my car was new is 144 miles. My personal worst was 110. In bad weather and/or winter conditions you will get around 60-70 miles. Charging: You will probably want a 240 volt charging system. I have one I could possibly sell you if you were interested. They cost around -. More if you want one with wifi, timers, trackers etc Charging on 240 at 40 amps takes 5-6 hours. The car comes with a Toyota 110v wall charger. Its ok if you dont drive very far or very often. You only gain about 3-4 miles per hour of charging. It would take more than a day for a full charge on 110v. Cost: NYSEG charges $ per kwh. This car uses around wh. 40 x $ = to go around 120 130 miles. Very affordable! Many public charging stations are FREE so you could end up not paying anything to drive the car. Price: . I have seen these sell for plus. New it was . It was a rare √Ęcompliance car that Toyota HAD to sell due to the California regulations. Because of that, they made zero dollars on this car. In fact they lost on each car. Its the cheapest Tesla you will ever see! is a good price. If you ever want to get rid of it or if a part fails and you dont want to replace it, I would like first right of refusal to buy it back. I dont want to see these cars going to a scrap yard.

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